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“I have recorded  five albums and the sound for a feature film at Salant Sound with sound engineer extraordinaire, Josh Salant, and can’t wait to record more! Josh’s enthusiasm and encouragement is unmatched. The recording studio is a safe place- one where musicians can explore and create, and Josh is there to guide and capture- which he does with expertise and a total love for his craft.  I have gone from recording only vocals for my old bands to actually composing in the studio, and with Josh at the helm, I have the confidence to do so. Recording at Salant Sound is like recording at your best friends place, though with fantastic equipment! The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the result is top quality.
I personally look forward to many years of future recording… from albums to on -location sound capture for my films, because to work with Josh is a total joy.”      

    -Alexis Karl (Alexis Karl Films,LEX, Parallax Born,,Ondyne’s Demise, Anima Animus Animal)

"Salant Sound is the only studio i've ever been to that truly feels like home to me-so when it comes time to translate the music I hear in my head to a recording, its a no brainer where i want to go."

     -Isaac "Izzy" Friedman (producer, Taylor and the Apes, Orange Burn, Revolutionary Council Afrobeat, Yellowcake)


“Josh has an awesome studio with a great sound and a welcoming vibe. His work is fast, friendly, and efficient, allowing the artist to play and explore their creativity while creating a cohesive sound that captures the heart of the song.”

                                                - Adam Grimes

“Dope vibes, positive energy, love. This place is built to rock!”

    - Doobie Duke Sims (Shinobi Ninja, DOOBIE)


“Getting the opportunity to work with someone as committed to sonic integrity as Mr. Salant is a truly inspiring process. Located in the heart of old-brooklyn, his studio is a throw back to the original days of recording combined with today’s modern technology. In short: shit’s pretty fuckin dope!”

                                                          -Zen Anton


"Salant sound is very accommodating, and Josh is a great engineer/producer to work with. The versatility of the of the equipment, combined with expert audio engineering make it easy and quick to pump out some great sounding tracks.”

     - Jimmy Donovan (Burn The Skies, Little Sister and The Rolling Machine, Crossroads, Vexed)



“Josh’s enthusiasm and positivity is contagious, the best recording experience i have ever had!”

                   -Jim Carrancio (Man Made Hills)


“It is always a pleasure to create at Salant Studios! Josh makes the recording experience fun and always gets the best sound possible. I recommend this studio to EVERYONE!!”

                                                - Deeno Green


" I love working with josh! Josh creates a fun, friendly and easy-going atmosphere, and that combined with great engineering skill and great gear has led me to one of the best recording sound experiences I’ve ever had!” - Jae


"I couldn't have picked a better place than Salant Sound to record my album. More importantly than the room's crisp sound and quality gear, Josh made me feel like family in his home and in his space. His combination of focus and good humor allowed me to get the very best out of my project." -Doug Berns ((Doug Berns Band, Big Woozy Band, Adequate Fur, Toot Sweet))

Salant Sound is a great place to record and mix. Josh has an arsenal of quality gear, knows how to get the most out of it, and he's terrific to work with. He is super friendly, accommodating, and knows where the best food is in the neighborhood!" -Richard Formidoni (Orange Burn,Yellowcake,Urban Sun) 

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